Top 5 reasons to have a Wedding Uplight service for your big day

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Top 5 reasons to have a Wedding Uplight service for your big day

Here is a blog from Aura Uplights:

If you think about the lighting at your weddings venue you may notice one thing: the lighting is not very exciting or dramatic. With Uplights you can change how your venue looks and wow your guests.

Here are 5 reasons why you choose to have Uplights at your wedding:

1. You can choose a custom color to light up the room with. Is Purple your color?Make the whole room purple!

2. The venue you choose will be able to dim for your guests but this is unexciting and not memorable. Choose Uplights and make your reception more memorable.

3. If you are going with a tented reception Uplights will make the tent look UNREAL. The tent lighting will be enhanced and lit up to your liking with LED lighting in a color of your choice.

4.LED Uplights are affordable and you can choose to Uplight just the reception room or choose to have the service Uplight the building architecture where you are having your wedding or do both!

5.WIRELESS LED Uplights are easily placed anywhere because they are wireless and don’t need electrical plugs. They also do not heat up so they are safe for your venue or if a child tries to touch them.

Aura Uplights will enhance your reception room and set the mood and tone. Wedding Uplights are a hot new feature to make your wedding memorable .With today’s technology we can offer high-tech LED WIRELESS Uplights for your wedding venue. To contact Aura Uplights please head over to the Facebook page or email